Nashville Season 6 Episode 8 Promo (midseason finale) – Is Daphne in trouble?

Going into Nashville season 6 episode 8 airing on CMT next week, there is one clear thought in our brand: It’s great to reach for the stars. However, what happens if you reach a little bit too high at once? To continue this analogy, you want to find the right constellation to call your home and not one that is on the verge of a supernova.

This is the danger that Daphne finds herself in as she considers appearing on a country music singing show, one that is run in part by Jessie Cane’s abusive ex Brad Maitland. He is an extremely powerful man within the industry, but simultaneously he is not the sort of person Daphne really should be associated with. We understand her desperation nonetheless — she’s seen just about every other person in her family find a degree of fame and with that, she is of course quite eager to establish some of her own.

The Nashville season 6 episode 8 synopsis below gives you even more of a sense as to what’s coming up next.

Daphne seeks to establish her career and auditions for a country music singing competition; Scarlett invites Sean to see live music; Avery makes a decision; the band is invited to perform on late-night TV; Will’s choice catches up with him.

You should go ahead and brace yourself for the likely reality that this episode is not going to establish some sort of conclusive ending to some of these storylines. This is the midseason finale, and in the aftermath of this there are still eight more episodes that are coming up presumably in the summer. There are, quite understandably, going to be stories that the producers of Nashville will want to continue then. That will help set into motion the end of the series and also give us a good sense as to how the series can begin its walk towards the sunset.