Nashville Season 6 Episode 9 Spoilers – Alannah To Help Avery Forget Juliette

Avery (Jonathan Jackson) is determined to forget his wife Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) in the second half of the final season of “Nashville.”

During the midseason finale, Juliette made a huge decision to stay in Bolivia and let Darius (Josh Stamberg) control her. Thoroughly disappointed with her choice, Avery took off his wedding ring and told Deacon (Charles Esten) he had enough. When songstress Alannah (Rainee Blake) flirted with him, he did not push her away. Avery did not even care that the woman was messing with his bandmate Gunnar (Sam Palladio) not so long ago.

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Marshall Herskovitz spoke about the fall of Avery and Juliette’s marriage. He said Avery’s decision made sense since he had to put up with his wife’s shortcomings for years. Juliette basically left him and their baby to serve as a role model for a cult. Herskovitz could not promise that the couple would work things out eventually. He said that the break was needed for the storyline.

“I think what we want to look forward to, though, is the possibility of transformation. … So yes, we’re leaving Juliette and Avery in a bad place — and I hear about it on Twitter literally hundreds of times a day and I understand that — but this is the nature of drama. A story would not be a good story if there were not moments in the story when things look dark. That doesn’t say where it’s going to come out at the end, but that’s just a part of all good drama,” the EP teased.

Avery will be scared for Juliette, though, once he discovers what is happening to her in Bolivia. The promo for season 6B shows the songstress telling Darius that once she is done with her part, she is returning to her family. Darius answers by locking her up in her room. It looks like Avery is right when he warned her to not trust the man.

“Nashville” season 6 will return on Thursday, June 7 at 9 p.m. EST on CMT.