Shameless Season 9 Spoilers – Is Sierra and Lip’s Relationship Really Over?

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) will be more concerned being a surrogate father to Xan (Scarlet Spencer) than fixing his relationship with Sierra (Ruby Modine) in the upcoming season of “Shameless.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Nancy Pimental said that Lip has finally started his road to maturity. Like his sister Fiona (Emmy Rossum), he had an epiphany of what he wanted his life to be from here on out. Lip broke up with his girlfriend in the previous season’sd finale, then went ahead and took on Eddie’s (Levy Tran) abandoned niece. Pimental said that though Lip is still eager to start a family of his own, romance could wait. This seems to suggest that he and Sierra will not be getting together soon.

“I think that’s one layer of Lip’s realization and why he chose not to go back to Sierra, because it kind of represents the old Lip in a way, the chaotic Lip. And he’s just working on his sobriety and wanting to make different choices. He does want to have a family and settle down and he would like to do it with somebody where… we all have baggage, but where the baggage isn’t such a moving target all the time,” the EP teased.

Meanwhile, Fiona’s storyline is looking good in season 9. After winning that messy court trial on whether the apartment building belonged to her or not, her finances have never been in a better place. To top it all off, she has a hunk to flirt whenever she wants to. Many fans are crossing their fingers that Ford (Richard Flood is really the one for Fiona. He seems so different from the past men she dated. Unlike them, he has a stable personality and a good job. He is also annoyingly independent: a breath of fresh air to Fiona whose exes all tried to mooch off her.

“Shameless” season 9 is expected to air in the Fall or early 2019.