‘The X-Files’ Season 12 Renewal Updates: Series Creator Confident About Show’s Return, Not Worried About Gillian Anderson’s Exit

There are a lot of questions surrounding the future of “The X-Files” following the season 11 finale.

The final hour of the second revival season ended with William (Miles Robbins) and Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) apparently dead and Scully (Gillian Anderson) telling Mulder (David Duchovny) she is pregnant with his child.

However, Anderson is not planning to reprise her role in “The X-Files” should it be renewed, making the pregnancy bombshell difficult to navigate without her.

While The Hollywood Reporter suggests a solution by basically rendering the events in the second half of the season as Scully’s premonitions (like how things end up being in the season 10 finale), series creator Chris Carter promises to provide fans with an answer.

In an interview with the abovementioned publication, Carter is confident “The X-Files” will return. “I can’t imagine the show won’t come back in some shape or form. Certainly you’re going to see an answer to the question that’s posed,” he said.

Unfortunately, when the show does, it will have a Scully-shaped hole, but this does not seem to be something that Carter worries about.

Even when “The X-Files” season 12 proceeds with half of the iconic duo gone, what’s important to him is that he got to tell the story he always wanted to tell with the character in season 11.

Interestingly, Carter appears to be hopeful about the actress returning to “The X-Files” season 12 should it happen, talking about her exit as if it is not final yet.

“If Gillian is certain about not coming back, it would be the last time we see her on-screen as Dana Scully. It poses certain larger questions going forward. It was no different than what I always wanted to leave fans with: she has an enduring love for Mulder. The journey he’s taken her on has been worthwhile. That she is certain her belief in science can explain everything. She believes now that we know as much as we don’t know,” he explained.

In an interview with TV Line, Carter also addressed Anderson’s departure, saying hardcore “The X-Files” fans would know “there have been no real endings on the show.”

When asked if he is happy about the final episode of season 11 being the series finale, he said, “For me, it’s not an ending. It is, in a way, a beginning. So I don’t see it necessarily as a conclusion.”

To many fans, however, it would be okay if this ends up being the show’s finale as they would not want to watch more with one of the central characters no longer part of the action.

At the moment, it is also unclear if Duchovny will reprise his role in “The X-Files” if it continues. If he does, The Hollywood Reporter believes the premonition idea will be the show’s best bet to make sense of Scully’s eventual absence.

However, if Duchovny decides against returning, it will be much easier for “The X-Files” to move forward with a new story by choosing new protagonists and sticking with the season 11 ending for Scully and Mulder.